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Acts of Parliament are the text of laws passed by the legislative body of the United Kingdom which is the Parliament of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Acts of Parliament begin as a bill then pass through a legislative process.

Legislative Process

The Legislation process for the United Kingdom is one of simplicity. Legislation begins in either the House of Commons or House of Lords and is proposed by a sitting member. The bill will then be proposed in that respective house in which it will go through several readings. The first reading is when the legislator of the bill presents the bill to the house and gives an overview of the bill. After the First reading the house will move into the second reading on the bill which is the debate section in which the house will be open for debate on that piece of legislation. Once the reading the second reading is complete the house moves to the third reading in which the vote will be held. Voting is a simple matter of either Aye, Noe or Abstain. To get the bill passed it must get a majority in the vote. For MPs within parties they might be expected to following a Whip System that provides them with voting instructions.

When the vote has been completed in one house (either House of Commons or House of Lords) it will then move to the other house. In the other house a debate and vote will also be held on the legislation. If the bill passes both houses then it will move to Royal Assent. Passing Royal Assent the piece of legislation will go into immediate effect.

Acts of Parliament relating to Parliament & Democracy

Greater London Act 2023
Political Registration and Regulation Act 2023
Procedure of Parliament Act 2023
Secondary Legislation (Statutory Instruments) Act 2022
Parliamentary Counsel Act 2022
Parliamentary Whip Act 2021
Electoral Provisions Act 2021
Inquiries Act 2020
International Partisanship Act 2020
Constituencies Act 2020
Parliamentary Oaths and Affirmations Act 2019
General Elections Act 2019
Mid-Term Party Collapse Prevention Act 2019
Anti Subversion Act 2017
Accredition Act 2017
House of Lords Reform Act 2017

Acts of Parliament relating to Government & Civil Service

Northern Ireland Act 2023
Civil Service Act 2023
Cabinet Transparency Act 2023
Office for National Statistics Act 2022
Treaties (Approval, Withdrawal) Act 2022
Petitions Act 2022
Freedom of Information Act 2021
Government Transition Act 2019
Mid-Term Coalition Prevention Act 2016

Acts of Parliament relating to Government Expenditure

Grants Classifications Act 2023
Budget (Finance) Act April 2023

Acts of Parliament relating to Individual Rights & Regulation

National Holidays Act 2022
Citizens Jobs Act 2021
Bill of Rights Act 2020

Acts of Parliament relating to In-Game Offences

Fixed Penalty Notices Act 2022
Road Classification and Offences Act 2022
Offensive Weapons Act 2021
Offences Against the Person Act 2020
Public Order Offences 2020
Propietary Offences Act 2020

Acts of Parliament relating to Home Office

Immigration Act 2022
Emergency Home Office Powers Act 2022
Home Office Freedoms, Regulations and Oversight Act 2022
Lethal Force Act 2022
Counter Terrorism Command Authority Act 2021
Police and Criminal Evidence Act 2020
Arrest Warrant Act 2019

Acts of Parliament relating to Treasury, Media & Enterprise

Patents Act 2023
Companies Act 2023
Ownership of Assets and Titles Act 2023
Media Regulation Act 2022
British Enterprise Board Act 2022
Transport for London Operation Act 2022
Competition & Markets Authority Act 2022
Fair Employment Act 2022
British Broadcasting Corporation Act 2022

Acts of Parliament relating to Justice, Courts & Law

Crown Proceedings Act 2023
Juries Act 2022
Legal Services and Judicial Administration Foundations Act 2022
Law Commission Act 2022
Prosecution (Powers, Responsibilities) Act 2022
Non-Disclosure (Agreements, Penalties) Act 2022
Torts (Compensatory and Punitive Damages) Act 2022
Safeguarding of Institutions Act 2022
Courts (Contempt, Obstruction and Perjury) Act 2022
Offences Classification Act 2021
Parole Act 2021
Prosecution Regulations Act 2021
Serious Crimes Act 2020
Casework Act 2020
Interpretations Act 2020
Judicial Officer Remarks Act 2020
Public Advocates Act 2019

Acts of Parliament relating to Foreign Affairs

Global Development Assistance Act 2023
Global Partisanship Act 2023
International Defence Act 2022
The Realms Act 2022
International Organisations Membership Act 2019

Acts of Parliament relating to Defence & Intelligence

Armed Forces Act 2022
Official Secrets Act 2022
National Security Act 2022
Defence of the Realm Act 2020
Armed Forces Freedom of Movement & Space Act 2018
War Declarations Act 2015

Acts of Parliament relating to the Royal Household

Church of England Act 2023
Royal Household Integrity and Impartiality Protection Act 2020
Royal Styles and Titles Act 2022

Acts of Parliament relating to Treaties

Treaty for Judicial Co-Operation - Malaysia
Treaty for Judicial Co-Operation Singapore
Treaty for Judicial Cooperation - Australia