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The Honourable the Commons of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in Parliament assembled
73rd Parliament
House of Commons of the United Kingdom logo 2018.svg
Logo used to represent the House of Commons
Flag of the House of Commons
Flag of the House of Commons
since 21 April 2023
BarendVanhanen, Social Democrats
since 16 December 2022
benjaminhenley, National
since 15 April 2023
NotApplicab1e, National
since 13 May 2023
NotApplicab1e, National
since 12 March 2023
TheBritishUnion, Unionist
since 17 April 2023
GoldyyDev, Unionist
since 29 April 2023
HoC May73 UKF4SPMerger.svg
Political groups
HM Government (25)
  Conservative (20)
  Voice (5)
HM Most Loyal Opposition (15)
  Labour (15)
Other opposition (9)
  Four Star (6)
  Liberal Democrats (3)
Presiding officers
  Speaker (1)
Length of term
Up to 2 months
Voting system
Last election
12 May 2023
Next election
No later than 23 July 2023

The House of Commons is the lower house of Parliament. Like the upper house, the House of Lords, it meets in the Palace of Westminster. The House of Commons is an elected body consisting of 50 members known as Members of Parliament (MPs). In elections, citizens vote for a party, seats are allocated using the Webster/Sainte-Laguë method, and parties appoint people to the seats they've won.

House composition

The Conservative & Unionist Party took government with 20 seats in the May election which a coalition with the Voice Party which gained 5 seats. The Labour Party serve as His Majesty's Most Loyal Opposition with gaining 15 seats in the May election. Four Star Party as well as the Liberal Democrats serve as other opposition within the House of Commons.


Acts of Parliament